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    From the exclusive popular series [VLogDiary] of the video distribution site “MGS video”, carefully selected popular titles that are completely shot! From a sweet flirtatious love date to a gonzo SEX full of private feeling, a plan to have a couple who goes to the city take pictures of their daily life with a cute girlfriend who boasts! ① Visit power spots with Mizuki-chan, who is cute like a small animal! At night, wash your body in a private bath and make your body glow, then have rich sex on your bed! ②A walk date with the innocent Nanami-chan in Nakameguro and Daikanyama! When you go home and drink with two people, you rush into mouth-to-mouth play! They caress each other while exchanging sweet kisses, and when they are inserted and their vaginas are poked, they let out pant voices throughout the room! ③Atami date with shy Noa-chan! At the ryokan, bathing in an open-air bath with a sense of openness will make you feel horny! Return to the room and raise your voice so that you can be spoiled if you insert Ji Po into Mako! Complete REC of the bare expression that can only be shown to your boyfriend! 3 100% pure love SEXs that are inevitable for cute girls!

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